While many still believe spending more time with their spouse will help their relationship grow stronger, a recent study shows that the key to a happy marriage is the complete opposite.
In a US study, researchers examined the relationships of up to 4,000 middle –aged men and women and found that the healthiest women were usually the ones married to men who worked more than 50 hours a week.
It is believed that the more time a man spends in the office, the more time a woman has to do some exercise.
“In contrast, men whose wives work moderately long hours are particularly less likely to spend as much time on vigorous exercise or sports, such as running, swimming, or bicycling,” says the author of the study.
It was also found that wives who work long hours left their house-husbands’ stressed out because the burden of household chores meant they didn’t have enough time to exercise.
All in all, to maintain a happy marriage, it looks like a husband should spend longer hours at the office to give his other half some time to let off some steam alone.
Perhaps it’s true what they say – absence does make the heart grow fonder.