These teachers thought they had heard every excuse in the book from their students.


Cracking down on frequent tardiness, they asked their students why they were late but received an unexpected answer.


Now they are sharing the most ridiculous excuses they have ever heard on Reddit, impressed with just how creative children can be.


1. Possible rabies infection



“Last semester a student emailed me saying he would be late to class because he got bit by a squirrel,” one teacher shared.


“There was also a different student who came to class with a baby turtle he found one day (on time though). It's possible I was teaching a class full of misfit Disney princesses.”


The student must be tough if he was able to send an email straight away.


2. Alien encounter



“I once signed my daughter in late to elementary school, and the parent before me had put ‘UFO Sighting’ in the ‘reason for tardiness’ box”, a parent revealed.


Keep an eye on the skies during your next morning run to school, anything could happen.


3. Building on fire



“Some kid showed up really late to class and told our teacher that he was in the bathroom and the trash can was on fire.


“We all sat there in disbelief and we all went to look out the door to see a bunch of smoke in the hallway. Then we see a security guard run out of the bathroom with a smoking trash can in his hands.”


This kid must remain really calm in stressful situations. Hopefully, they were able to put it out quickly.


4. Locked in



“Locked in their own house was a good one”, shared one comment.


We are fairly familiar with the locked out excuse, but locked in was a first for this teacher. How does one get locked inside?


5. My dad ate my homework



“In 7th grade for French class, I had to make a homemade French dish,” recalled one student. “I chose croissants as I was 12 and anything else would have been way too complicated.


“I made them with my mom after dinner and sometime after I went to bed, my dad ate like 6 of them, which meant I didn't have enough for the class. So on the way to school, I had to stop at Dunkin Donuts and replace the ones my dad ate.”


What a unique twist on a classic excuse! Fair play to the mum for rescuing her son’s project last minute.


Being a teacher can be tough but at least there is daily humour they can look forward to in the classroom.