It's pretty shocking what we can find in our children's bedrooms.


And as they grow into their teenage years, the worry of finding things we shouldn't can be constant.


Well, this mum's nightmares came true when she found drugs in her 16-year-old daughter's nightstand.


Well, sort of.




This mum came across a clear bag with multicoloured tablets in her teen's nightstand and presumed it was drugs.


Immediately texting her daughter, Ashley to come home and explain herself, she was soon to be made the butt of a joke.



Ashley told her mum to put the 'drugs' in water and waited for her response.



The texts back and forth made for some hilarious reading and yes, you've guessed it, they went viral.



It looks as if Ashley was the one laughing in the end.


But we have a feeling she's probably grounded for life for posting the hilarious messages on Twitter.



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