Weighing just 4lbs and following a nine-month long pregnancy, a tiny new arrival came into this world a few days ago. 


Surrounded by a loving family, the baby is especially adored by Lena, the wholly-besotted new mother.



Indeed, the little one hasn't left her side yet - preferring to feed and sleep throughout the day while snuggled closely into her chest. 


The only difference between this particular new arrival and countless others, is that this baby is a critically endangered western lowland gorilla, of which there are around 550 living in zoos around the world.



However, in many other ways there are more similarities than there are differences. 



The baby gorilla - who was born in Dublin Zoo - has yet to be named. In fact, even its gender remains a mystery as keepers have been unable to catch a glimpse of him or her for very long. 


At least the little one is in good hands - this is Lena's seventh baby and she is a celebrated excellent and experienced mother. 


Sadly, the baby's father Harry passed away in May at the age of 29 after suffering from a stroke.


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