A new study has found that e-cigarettes are actually attracting a number of adolescents - who might never have smoked - rather than helping to reduce smoking.


The study on trends in youth smoking, conducted by UC San Francisco, found that e-cigarette and cigarette use among adolescents was actually higher in 2014 than 2009, according to News Medical.  



"We didn't find any evidence that e-cigarettes are causing youth smoking to decline," lead author Lauren Dutra said. 


"While some of the kids using e-cigarettes were also smoking cigarettes, we found that kids who were at low risk of starting nicotine with cigarettes were using e-cigarettes."


Researchers looked at data from more than 140,000 students who had completed the CDC's National Youth Tobacco Survey between 2004 and 2014. 



Commenting on the declines in youth smoking, Laura explained that this was more likely due to "tobacco control efforts" than e-cigarettes.


Something that senior author Stanton A. Glantz agrees with: "E-cigarettes are encouraging - not discouraging - youth to smoke and to consume nicotine, and are expanding the tobacco market."