The teen parents who took their newborn baby from hospital without permission have been dealt another crushing blow.


Jayden Lavender, 14, and Jenifer Morrison, 15, say Jayden’s family home where the couple have been staying was “firebombed.”


The couple were devastated after being told they would not be allowed to keep their newborn daughter Aria and took her from a Sydney hospital to spend Easter with her last week. They were found a day later after spending a night camping in the wild.


Now the little girl has been removed from the care of the couple and they don’t know where she is staying. The hospital has confirmed that Aria was discharged from hospital in “good health” on Friday following a thorough health check, according to


“I just want to know if my daughter is OK, I’m her father, it’s crushed me now knowing she is not at the hospital,” Jayden said.



The 14-year-old said he had been awake because he was “crying all night” last Friday when someone set fire to his front door.


“Somebody came and lit fire to our house, I was in the lounge room … I saw somebody on the ground looking through my door, so I went to the window and they started running with the petrol,” he said. “They poured the petrol and then they lit it and it went bang, everything went up.


“There were flames coming underneath the door, it was a petrol fire and I put it out with water", he said.


His girlfriend Jenifer said she felt “broken” after being separated from little Aria after the couple were found last week.


“I would be a good mother for her, I just want her home and safe,” she said.



The teens got engaged after Jenifer became pregnant but couldn’t get married as they are both under 16.


However, Jayden’s mother Tracy Lavender says she would give them permission to get married. Jenifer doesn’t have a stable family home and currently lives with Jayden and his mother.


The couple smuggled baby Aria out of hospital last Thursday night after being told they would not be allowed take their daughter home with them. They said they wanted to spend Easter with her as they are Christian.


After being found, the teens were interviewed by police but were released without charge.


Jayden’s mother Tracy Lavender defended the runaway teens, saying: “You’re talking about two kids that just wanted to stay with their baby — that’s all it comes down to.”