When 17-year-old Kinsey Ratzman came out to her parents, their reaction took her completely by surprised.


Just a week after telling her parents, Kinsey was told the family were throwing an early 4th of July party and was sent to the shops to get decorations.


Returning home, Kinsey soon realised the family were celebrating a different event.


“My family threw me a surprise pride party because I came out to all of them,” she said on Twitter as she shared pictures from her rainbow coloured party.



With a rainbow cake, cutlery and even rainbow salad, Kinsey’s parents made it very clear how proud they were of their daughter.


And to top it all off, the party snacks were also completely vegan-friendly.


“And my family made all vegan food because I’m vegan. They’re so sweet!”




I have become a viral sensation bc of this cake and party lmao fun times

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