We may still view them as our little children, but the fact remains our teens are growing up and turning into adults. And even though they may not act like it at times, our teens are well able to do numerous tasks which involve looking after themsevles. Here are six things that your teen should know by now:
Wake up on their own
Teens are fond of their lie-ins, and as a result rely on their parents a little too much to wake them up for school or other necessary appointments. But as much as you don’t want to them to be late, they need to learn how to rise and shine on their own. Whether it’s their alarm clock or their phone, your teen should be able to wake up on their own by now.
Keep appointments
Like waking up on their own, your teen needs to able to manage their own appointments. When your child was little it made sense for you to manage their appointments, but as a teen not so much. Your teen is becoming an adult now, and should be able to schedule any necessary appointments by themselves. It can be good idea to help them with this initially, but it’s important that they manage their own schedule now, so it won’t be as daunting when they are an adult.
Carry on conversation
While there are many advantages to technology, there are disadvantages as well – such as our teens not being able to engage in conversations by themselves. If your child is constantly on their phone not only does it appear rude to others, but it also makes it more difficult to make friends and have proper conversations in the future.
They don’t have to be a culinary geniuses, but they should be able to come to some grasps around the kitchen by their mid-teens. Whether its basic dishes such as spaghetti bolognaise or stir fry - it’s important that you teach your teen how to cook some basic but healthy meals.
A task most teens choose to avoid but still need to do. Your teen should know the importance between a room looking clean and actually being clean. So whether it’s through household chores or after constant nagging to actually tidy their rooms, it’s important that they know how to hoover, sweep and keep all things clean.