Sometimes it’s frustrating to fight for the attention of your family members when they are glued to their phones or iPads.


Well, this dad had enough and invented a pretty nifty app to help combat it.


The app appropriately called ‘Glued’ was developed by Nick Kuh and is an incentive style app which rewards family members for spending less time on their devices.


The idea came about after persistent arguments with his 13 year old son, Finn who was spending too much time on Clash of Clans and Instagram.


Nick told The Evening Standard:


“We had this moment around the dinner table after a big row where I confiscated Finn’s iPad and my phone bleeped, I mistakenly pulled it out of my pocket and he called me out on it and said ‘Dad, you’re a hypocrite’”


The free iOS app which is both for adults and children awards point for doing work and putting the device away.


With even more points rewarded if you stick to a daily online limit as users compete to top the leader board.


He said: “It’s very easy to be a lazy parent these days. The core idea behind Glued is parents and kids could benefit from having a healthier relationship with technology.”


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