Soldier is a golden retriever, but his non-human classification hasn't stopped him from becoming a vital part of his school's community, especially, the life of one student. 


On Tuesday, the Timber Creek Talon, a school newspaper, shared an image of the 2017 yearbook on Facebook. On the top row, left, is Kathryn Campbell, and two photos over, is her four-legged friend Soldier.


The Facebook post read “Yes, there’s a dog in our yearbook. Here’s why,” and included a link to an article written by the paper's editor, Samantha Sandusky. 


In the article, published late las year, Samantha explained that Soldier is Kathryn's service dog. When she’s anxious, in an unfamiliar place, or experiencing seizures and unable to come to school, the canine is by her side, providing her comfort. 


Kathryn Campbell and her service dog Soldier


"On good days, she gets up and goes to school like everyone else, except that her school day is much shorter. She goes home, watches TV, naps and spends her time with her siblings and parents.


However, bad days are 'spent in a haze of seizures and rescue medication,' as described by Kathryn’s mother, Kim Campbell. 'She either stays in bed or on a bean bag or recliner, with oxygen close by. Seizures cause her to lose track of time, and can even cause memory loss'."


Samantha spoke to The Daily Dot about her story, and her reasons for writing: “The story definitely opened my eyes to always remember that every life matters and can make a huge difference.”



“I hadn't known the story behind Soldier and Kathryn before, and I learned through interviewing the Campbell family how strong their relationship truly is and the literal life or death impact Soldier has for Kathryn.” 


Kathy Beers, the school's yearbook adviser, also spoke to the Daily Dot about Soldier, saying that the staff’s decision to include the dog alongside Kathryn in the book was organic.


The 2017 book’s theme was “Shine Brighter Together,” and Soldier helps Kathryn "shine her brightest", Kathy said.


“Wherever Kathryn goes, Soldier goes also. He attends PE class, pep rallies, and even received a homecoming mum, this year. So it was only natural that when the class lined up for pictures, Soldier got a turn, as well. He’s as much a part of our school as any soul who enters our doors.”


What a beautiful and heartwarming story of two best friends.