A note a mum wrote to three teenagers she overheard in a coffee shop has now been viewed by thousands as she felt the need to tell them about how their behaviour upset her.


Sitting in a Starbucks, mum Michelle heard teenage girls talk about many things including “a girl who wrote a song for a talent show about being lonely, the crappy presents they have gotten in the past from friends, girls who copy them,” and how one girl was told she couldn’t be the lead singer of their band.


Posting her initial complaint on Facebook, Michelle then wrote the girls a note and headed back to the coffee shop.


"I'm crawling out of my skin sitting next to three very pretty, very boisterous, horribly behaved young teenage girls at the Cotswold Starbucks." read the post.



Ordering three drinks for the girls who were still there, Michelle gave the teens the note and left.


You can see her full post and what she wrote in the note here.



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