Everyone's parenting style will differ, and that includes how we chose to discipline our children.


Whether you take a softer or stricter approach, parents tend to know what works best with their kids.


One mum's method has attracted a lot of opinions online, when she chose to put her daughters in a timeout.


During a routine trip to the supermarket, the girls began to misbehave.



Their antics continued so the mum, Louise, decided to pop them into timeout in the shop.


Speaking to Cafemom, Louise Palai, explained why she chose to discipline her children then and there:


"I was in Tesco doing my shopping and the started messing about like kids do, running about, being silly poking each other, and almost bumping into a [shopping cart]."



The mum has 6-year-old Alissia and 7-year-old Ebony.


"I stood with them while they were in time-out, out the way of shoppers, and some people looked at us funny, some smiled, and a gentleman did praised me for what I did," she says.


"After time-out finished, I spoke to both of them about why they had been in time-out, gave them a hug and kiss, they said sorry, and we carried on shopping."



A friend of the mum shared the post of the two little girls on a Facebook group, Spotted Ilkeston town, and captioned it:


"[Mom] says she will put them in time-out where ever she is. No matter what anyone says / stares.  I think this is a fine example of great parenting. More people should be like her."


The 35-year-old has had mixed reactions online to her parenting style. 


Whilst some agree with her saying: "I do this outside the shop or at play centres if they've done something naughty... good for her."


"Great job Mum! It doesn’t matter what people say, after all, if you don’t do this & let your kids run around shouting, screaming or having a tantrum they’d only be saying “I wouldn’t put up with that if that was my child” anyway," chimed in another Facebook user.



Others disagreed with the method of "humiliation" and "embarrassment."


"I have done this they will learn what is acceptable where and when you should never be embarrassed about teaching your child/children," said one mum.


"Did she really need to go public? It looks to me an attention-seeking action. Last, but not least, public humiliation (including online shaming) doesn't work. Never," added another.


What are your opinions on the parenting technique?