There is no right time when it comes to the period talk, but sometimes, it can be a good idea to have the conversation with your tween daughter as early as possible. The period talk is important for numerous reasons - not only can remove any confusion your tween may have about their body changes but they can also feel more prepared for when their period does occur.
Talk early
Don’t wait until your daughter starts her first period to begin the conversation. By the age of nine your child is probably more aware of some of the functions surrounding her body parts, but still can be a little confused about menstruation. Sometimes a good way to start the conversation is to explain why you use tampons and towels, and then the lead the period talk from there.
There’s no need for the specific details just yet, especially if your daughter is quite young - but don't avoid the subject either. Explain to your daughter that menstruation is completely natural and a sign that her body is changing. If you feel your daughter is old enough and ready to handle truthful answers surrounding puberty and periods then do tell them, but make sure not to overwhelm them at the same time.
Take advantage of moments
When possible, do find the right moment to have the conversation with your daughter. Whether it’s a television advert about tampons or your daughter mentioning how their friend or peer has already started their period - when these moments do occur, take advantage of them. It shows your tween wants to discuss the topic of menstruation, and it’s important to have these conversations.
Ask questions
It’s possible your daughter already knows more than you think, but don't assume what she knows is correct. Asking her what she already knows can help you avoid some of the eye-rolling reactions and gives you the chance to correct information she's gotten wrong
Answer unasked questions
Your daughter has probably a lot of questions about their periods and could feel uncomfortable broaching the subject. Opening up a dialogue about your own experiences can help draw out her unasked questions.