Being a tween is not easy- they’re not quite a child but, they’re not a teen either. And despite all the associated worries that those teen years can bring, our poor tweens can also stress over the little and the big things too. Here are the top things that tweens usually worry about, and how you can help them:
They may be on their summer holidays right now, but it doesn’t stop the constant school worries from cropping up. Most preteens stress about making the grades, how to study for the next test and most of the time, keeping their parents' happy.
Tweens can feel pressure from their peers in numerous ways from their looks, academics and even popularity. Don’t be too surprised if this has already started taking its toll on your tween, pressure to keep up with the competition can be fierce, even for preteens.
Friends can mean the world to your tween and if one member of the group is having a problem, it can affect the mood of other members. Also if your tween is being treated badly by one friend, this can easily upset your tween as well.
You may think they’re too young to be “in love” but it doesn’t stop those feelings from emerging for our tweens. Don’t assume that tween girls are the only one to suffer from love worries, romantic issues can cause trouble for boys as well.

Puberty is a confusing time for tweens especially, if they’re uncertain about the changes that are occurring with their body. There are certain pressures tweens can face around the topic of sex and puberty. They also may be on the receiver end of some misinformed topics surrounding puberty and sex - so make sure that you do talk to your tween as early as possible, about the topic of sex and puberty.
If there is trouble at home it can have a big impact on our tweens. Whether its family problems, parental problems or serious sibling issues, they can often be on the forefront of our tweens’ minds
You probably think they’re too young to be worrying about their future just yet, but don’t be too surprised if this does crop up for your tween.