Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you are automatically happy; with so much going on and your emotions being all over the place, it is easy to feel down now and again.


Here are some top tips to help keep you and your bump happy.



Make sure you put some time aside for you to relax. Run a hot bath with plenty of bubbles and soak for an hour or so, or grab a cup of de-caf tea and sit down with a good book or even the TV. Whatever you do make sure by the end of it you are feeling more relaxed than you did before.


Put your feet up

Your feet, knees and back are carrying around a lot of extra weight which can cause you pain. Sit down regularly with your feet up to help relieve any uncomfortable feelings which can dampen your mood. 


Ask for help

Don’t feel like you need to do everything on your own – you have nothing to prove. You are bound to be feeling sore, stressed and exhausted so enlist the help of family and friends to relieve you of some of your burdens. Even if it’s just them cooking you a meal, you will feel less stressed and a lot happier.  


Indulge yourself

Pregnancy is not about sacrificing all the nice things in life like coffee, soft cheese or even a glass of wine, there are a number of things you can still indulge in. Head to a spa for a relaxing massage, indulge in some much needed chocolate or go on a mini-holiday.


Focus on positives

Always focus on the positives. No matter what negatives might be happening around you need to tune in on things that are good and make you happy. If your new body shape is getting you down think about the incredible job that it is doing or if you are struggling with morning sickness, know that it won’t last forever.


Go with the flow

Just go with the flow and you won’t become upset if things don’t go according to plan. While we’re not suggesting you should immediately expect things to fall apart, if you are willing to be flexible and not become consumed by particular things, you will feel so much happier.