True friendship: Women trust their best friends more than their significant others

Your best friend: the woman who is always there for you no matter what, through every career downturn, parenting struggle and loss. 

And while we know friendships go through their ups and downs, the ones we share with the ladies in our life are among some of the very most important.

It seems that mostly women agree that they can trust their besties more than their significant others. 

In a recent survey by Peter Mark, 88 percent of women have told their best friend something they wouldn’t tell their partner - so the trust is real. 

Potentially, the things they tell their bestie could be about their signifiant other, because who hasn't had a good moan to their best friend about their partner's less than palatable habits? 

52 percent of the people surveyed are in touch with their best friend everyday, which is so important for day-to-day support. 

So where did you meet your best friend? The most popular place to meet your best friend is school and 10 percent say they met their now lifelong pal through another friend.

Another 14 percent say they met their bestie at work, and 63 percent have a work wife and 22 percent say they confess more to their work wife than their other friends. 

However, like all relationships not everything is a bed of roses all the time.

Over half (53 percent) admit to falling out with their friend on occasion with a difference of opinion (39 percent) cited as the main reason for friendship fights.

16 percent say they get irked when their friend doesn’t respond to a call or a text quickly enough while 10 percent saying not being included in plans is likely to cause ructions.

Luckily, Galentines Day is a time to celebrate female friendship - so we will choose not to be mad at the most important member of our girl gang.