Bill and Christine first fell in love in elementary school in 1971, but it took them 40 years to tell each other.


Growing up in the same town, the pair had a crush on each other from a very young age but neither had the courage to tell the other how they felt.


“We could talk for two hours and not stop,” Bill says of the early years of their relationship.


However, Christine was too shy to say anything as “back then the girls didn’t ask guys out.”


Bill, presuming she wasn’t interested, went about moving on with his life.


The pair went their separate ways and were at different colleges when Bill was commissioned as an officer in the army.


It was during that time that Bill received an invite to Christine’s wedding and regret hit as he thought “it should’ve been me.”


Years later, Christine received her own invitation to Bill's wedding as her marriage was beginning to fall apart.


As if fate was pulling them together, the pair ended up free and single when Bill finally gathered the courage to do what he should have done way back in elementary school.


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