Trying to eat well? You need to check out Fit Foods microwaveable meals

With our busy lives, healthy eating can be so hard to achieve. Most Irish people have launched into healthy eating that can become unsustainable and arduous - especially as the weeks get busier. A healthy, affordable and convenient option is now available. 

The family-owned Dublin Meat Company is busy at the start of 2020 with same-day delivery for its range of healthy lunch and snack options, as well as its new healthy Vending Machines where those wishing to have a healthy snack can find fresh lunch options from the company’s Fit Food range.  

The range of Fit Foods include soups such as healthy Potato and Leek and Tomato and Basil, protein pots like low cal Chicken Tikka and Cajun Chicken with Clean BBQ Dip; to fully portioned meals which include wholewheat Penne Bolognese, Thai Red Chicken Curry with Brown Rice, Turkey Burrito Bowl with Brown Rice and many more. 

The meals are microwaveable in 4 minutes, made from fresh ingredients each day and the vending machines are freshly restocked each day. 

Fit Food Ready Meals come in 11 different flavours - are clean, macro friendly, low calorie, MSG free and are made exclusively for Dublin Meat Company. 9 of the 11 options are gluten free. There are also Fit Food Protein Pots and Fit Food Soups. 

“To sustain a healthy lifestyle is hard, that’s why we found customers were looking for more and more healthy options. Not everyone is doing Veganuary. Many are just looking to feel fuller for longer and for healthy nutritious, protein-centric and low-cal meals to sustain them during exercise,” commented Brian O Leary, Owner of Dublin Meat Company. 

“We have developed a range of Fit Food Protein Pots and Soups that can be sold through online delivery or new healthy vending machines to give people smart snacking options on the go. And we have partnered with our friends in Everest snacks to provide a range of breakfast options. All our machines are equipped with Tap & Go payment technology as well as cash payment options.

Fit Food vending machines are currently being used in Ryanair offices, Beaumont Hospital, St Michael’s School in Ballsbridge as well as Salesforce offices with the list of companies expanding in 2020.