When it comes to girls and clothing, parents of tween girls need to be patient.Tweens know what they want to wear and will be very emphatic about what they don’t want to wear. It’s possible to agree about clothing with your tween, just set limits and learn to compromise where necessary.
Girls and clothes
If you have a tween daughter then you are probably familiar with the words, “I hate everything in my wardrobe!” Tweens can be fussy when it comes to the clothes they wear, and the change can happen overnight. One day they can’t stop raving about a certain outfit and the next they are telling you they wouldn’t be caught outside the house in that pair of jeans.
Tweens are under constant pressure from their peers to fit in, and to wear certain styles of clothing. Here are our tips on how to help your tween to make good choices:
Stay within the family budget
It can be hard for tweens to understand a budget and why €100 is too much to spend on a top or a pair of jeans.
Before you go on a shopping trip together, sit down with your daughter and clearly explain how much money you have to spend. It is also helpful to make a list of items your tween needs, and an approximate budget for each item.
If your child is desperate for a certain pair of shoes, or another item of clothing that she doesn't need or that doesn’t fit within the family budget, give her the option of buying the item with her own money. She can save her allowance, or earn extra money by helping out around the house. This practice will allow your child to learn responsibility and to work towards a goal.
Teach her about image
Tweens are so preoccupied with wanting to fit in, they don’t always realise that the clothes they wear, or the way they wear them, could give others the wrong impression. Explain why certain styles should be avoided, for instance because they are too revealing. Explain your reasoning to your child as this will make it easier for her to accept.
Set ground rules
It's important that your child, within reason has a say in the clothes she wears. It's also important that you give your child the opportunity to establish her own sense of style. As long as these clothes aren't objectionable, give her the space to make her own decisions.
However, it’s important to be firm when it comes to clothes that are too mature or revealing. Your child is trying to establish a sense of self but you are the parent and you need to set limits.
If your tween daughter wants to wear clothing that you think are inappropriate or too revealing, explain why it's important for her to dress her age
Pick your battles
You may know that your tween daughter looks much better in a certain style or colour but it is ok for her to make a fashion mistake every now and again. So, learn to pick your battles and to save your energy for the important issues.