Earlier this week, we reported on the story of the father who got his son’s surgery scar inked onto his head, in a show of solidarity. Today, yet another dad is winning the internet with a simple but amazing gesture.


A devoted father transformed his daughter’s diabetes device into a ‘killer whale’, to create a fierce symbol for her swim team.


The photos, originally shared via Imgur, show the little girl sporting a black whale ‘tape tattoo’, with a small rectangular device in the middle. A diabetic, the device supposedly tracks her blood sugar levels.



Knowing that his daughter was likely self-conscious over the device, her dad took inspiration from the name of her swimming team, the ‘Killer Whales’, with his special design.


While the names of the man and the little girl were not disclosed in the original post, it hasn’t taken long for the powerful photos to go viral – and everyone is talking about them.


The dad came in for major praise after the images were shared on the Love What Matters page, in particular, with followers branding him ‘awesome’ and ‘inspiring’.


We could not love this idea any more than we already do.


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