Evelyn Moore is not your average baby, having undergone a number of life saving surgeries at just 4-months-old. 


Evelyn was diagnosed with cancer just months after she was born, and has undergone various life saving procedures and weeks of chemotherapy. 



Now, at 13-months, Evelyn is in remission, but sadly she is paralysed from the arms down. 


Her parents, Karen and Brad, wanted her to be as independent as other small kids, so they built their precious daughter a tiny purple wheelchair. 



The little fighter is an enthusiastic and energetic baby, who has taken to her wheelchair extremely well. 


Evelyn often goes to an indoor park in her neighbourhood, where she can zip around on wheels and have a great time, like any normal kid! 



Like a normal child learning to crawl, Evelyn learned to wheel herself around.


"She really gets around now," says Kim Moore, who first put little Evelyn in the chair at 7-months-old.



As she gets bigger, Evelyn will get a new wheelchair, but for now she is enjoying life in her purple chair, handmade by her parents! 


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