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What are the symptoms of chicken pox?

Chicken pox is identified by a very itchy rash that spreads from the torso to the neck, face and limbs. The rash lasts from seven to ten days and progresses from red bumps to fluid filled blisters that eventually drain and scab over.
Chickenpox that is accompanied by severe skin pain with a rash that produces a greenish discharge and surrounding red skin indicates a secondary bacterial infection.
Vesicles may appear in the mouth, on the scalp, around the eyes or on the genitals and can be painful. This cycle will continue to repeat itself in new areas of the body until finally after about two weeks; all of the sores have healed.
The disease is contagious until all the spots have dried up. Unfortunately, the virus is also contagious for at least one day before the rash breaks out.
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