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What are the symptoms of ADHD?

The following is a list of behaviours are characteristic of ADHD and are generally visible before the age of seven:

 • Fidgeting or restlessness /restlessness

• Finds it difficult to stay seated when asked to do so

 • Distracted easily

• Finds it hard to wait his turn to play a game or experiences difficulty in a group situation
 • Will often blurt out answers to questions without thinking

 •Finds it hard to follow instructions

 • Loses attention quickly

 • Often shifts from one activity to another without finishing the first activity

 • Difficulty playing quietly

• Talks excessively

• Often interrupts others without thinking

 • Often does not seem to listen

 • Will lose things often

• Often engages in physically dangerous activities without considering the consequences. Onset of ADHD may be from as young as 18 months; however it is often not noticed until the child starts primary school.

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