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What should I do if my child won't drink anything when he's sick?

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A sick child will often refuse to eat or drink; however, it’s important that you keep them hydrated. Here are a couple of helpful suggestions:

Instead of a glass of juice, offer your sick child an ice pop. This is a great alternative that will help to put back some of the lost liquids he has lost. Your child will also think it’s a treat!

Shops now carry special ice pops and jelly treats that are specifically made to replace electrolytes. You can also make your own ice pops by freezing electrolyte drinks in fun shapes. Your child will love eating these special pops.

Of course, if your child has a sore throat, this could be why he is refusing to eat or drink. You may have to use a children’s pain reliever such as paracetamol or ibuprofen to provide some relief.
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