No mum likes to think that their son or daughter is deliberately hurting another child, but it is important to act quickly if you do think that they are a bully. Never forget, a child who bullies is also in need of help.
What you should do if your child is a bully:
  • Acknowledge the problem and never ignore it.
  • Avoid calling them a bully. The more you put a label on it the more likely they will feel that is what they are and will exhibit even more bullying behaviours.
  • Sit down and talk to them. They may not realise that they are bullying and are simply copying the way others are behaving towards them.
  • Explain to them that bullying will not be tolerated and that it causes great suffering in others.
  • Talk about correct behaviour; ask your child to put themselves in the other child’s shoes and get them to think about how they would feel.
  • Always model the kind of behaviour that you want your little one to display.
  • Talk to your little one's teacher and make sure you listen to their advice without being judgemental.
  • It is important that you work together and act quickly to put an end to their behaviour.  
If the bullying doesn’t stop you must seek professional help so that they can learn to take responsibility for their actions.