Why its important to know where your food comes from

These days, we as parents have become more and more conscious of the food we give our kids. We know how important it is to choose the best possible options for our little ones- they are the future after all!

Not simply the basics like knowing an apple is a healthier snack than a packet of crisps, but we have even begun questioning the source of these healthy options. We scan product packaging for words like sustainable, organic and natural.

We look for quality marks and smile when we see a familiar location mentioned, where the product was sourced. Transparency is key for the modern parent when it comes to the supply chain of our food, so we know exactly what we are putting into those cute little tums. 

An awareness like never before has parents everywhere thinking: where does my food come from? Luckily, it is easier than ever to find out nowadays.

Sustainable sourcing

This is a big one. We are ALL environmentally conscious at this stage. We glare at products with too much packaging and make at least some effort to be as green as possible while doing the 'big shop'. Checking if the stuff you buy has been sustainably produced is a great way to make sure you are looking after our planet while you shop. 

Getting the little ones conscious of this is also a perfect way to instil a sense of responsibility for the environment within them. Make time to involve the kids in finding out where the food on their plate comes from. Sit down together after dinner and trace where their yummy Fish Fingers came from using the Birds Eye Fish Provenance Tool. Just enter the Provenance Code that's found on the packaging- easy peas-y!

Health and Balance

We all want a more healthy and balanced diet for our families. In our busy lives, we can find it tough to find these options, as most of us don't have our very own organic farm in the back garden. The relief a parent feels when they find a product they can trust is like nothing else. Peace of mind and the knowledge that you and your little ones are getting the best of the best on healthy food options like veggies.

This can be done by following nature’s natural growing cycles when harvesting veg, respecting the earth's choices. Broccoli thrives in the Spanish climate and peas grow splendidly in the British countryside. Knowing where your food comes from ensures the very best quality and taste!

Good luck filling those little tums, mums!

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