Why you should bring the kids to see Ardnacrusha Power Station

In today's technology-driven world, it's great to expose our children to the wonders of science, engineering, and renewable energy. One extraordinary place that offers a captivating and educational experience for kids is the historic Ardnacrusha Power Station in Co Clare.

ESB is once again opening the gates of Ardnacrusha Power Station to schools and the general public for a unique visitor experience into Ireland’s first national hydro-electric station.

School group visits are being facilitated from 13 May to 28 June 2024, while public tours run from 1 July to 6 September 2024. The guided tours are available from Monday to Friday, run for approximately 90 minutes and each tour can accommodate groups of up to 30. All bookings can be made online http://www.esb.ie/ardnacrushatours.

So - what can you expect from a visit there?

Discover Ireland's first national hydro-electric station

Ardnacrusha Power Station holds a significant place in Ireland's history. It was the country's pioneering hydro-electric station, commissioned in 1929. By visiting Ardnacrusha, your children will gain insight into the ambitious engineering project that harnessed the power of the River Shannon to generate electricity. This hands-on experience will ignite their curiosity about the world of renewable energy and its impact on society.

Witness engineering marvels:

The guided tours at Ardnacrusha offer a chance to witness impressive engineering feats up close. From the headrace canal to the locks and tailrace, children will marvel at the scale and precision involved in constructing the power station. Exploring the turbine hall, they'll gain a deeper understanding of how electricity is generated and distributed, fostering an appreciation for the marvels of modern engineering.

Dive into living history:

At Ardnacrusha, history comes alive through engaging animations and artefacts that showcase the impact of the Shannon Scheme. Kids will be transported back in time to experience the challenges and triumphs of building the power station. By connecting with the past, they'll develop a sense of heritage and understand the significant role Ardnacrusha played in shaping Ireland's energy landscape.

Gain insights into renewable energy:

In today's climate-conscious world, teaching children about renewable energy is vital. Ardnacrusha Power Station demonstrates the potential of hydro-electric power as a clean and sustainable energy source. By witnessing the operation of the station and learning about ESB's commitment to a Net Zero future, kids will grasp the importance of transitioning to renewable technologies. This experience will empower them to become environmentally conscious citizens.

Inspire future engineers and scientists:

A visit to Ardnacrusha Power Station might just light a spark in young minds. By witnessing the inner workings of the station and interacting with knowledgeable guides, children may develop a passion for engineering, science, or other STEM fields. Ardnacrusha can serve as a springboard for their future careers, encouraging them to explore the limitless possibilities of renewable energy and sustainable development.

Don't miss the opportunity to ignite their imagination and leave a lasting impact on their understanding of science and sustainability. Plan a visit to Ardnacrusha Power Station and embark on an unforgettable educational adventure with your kids today.


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