There are certain lessons that children need to learn when they are young, and the parents of Facebook have come out in praise of Victoria Hinson for her strong statement this week.


Victoria has sparked a debate on discipline, after revealing that she called the police on her five-year-old son for stealing a packet of bubble gum from their local supermarket.


Sharing photos from the incident, she wrote on Facebook: “At first he lied about it and said he got it out of my car, and I knew he wasn't telling the truth because I don't chew gum! He finally told the truth, but you know what I did? I called the police. Yes. You read that right. I called the police on my five-year-old son.”


While some people may be shocked by Victoria’s extreme actions, she admitted that she doesn’t regret it for a second.



“I REFUSE to raise a child that gets away with telling lies and stealing! Did I overreact? Maybe so. But my point is if that you grow up getting away with telling lies and stealing, then it gets far worse as you get older. Guess what happened to him today? He had to go back to Walmart ask for the manager and apologize for his actions. Do I feel like a 'bad mom'? Absolutely not!” she added.


With her post going viral, Victoria’s experience attracted plenty of commentary – but the overwhelming response has been one of support.


While many assured Victoria that she is ‘raising her son right’, another wrote: “I’m proud of you. Catch them while they’re young…so the streets don’t catch ‘em.”


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