Christmas is an exciting time of year for children. Many of them already have their letter to Santa signed, sealed and delivered. One aunt was delighted with the Christmas gift she purchased for her niece, but she was shocked by her sister-in-law’s rude response when she showed her the present.


The woman decided to call her sister-in-law to find out if there was anything that her daughter would like for Christmas.


The aunt shared on Mumsnet, “I don't really like asking people what they want as I like to surprise them, but my sister-in-law is a bit weird and obsessive when it comes to Christmas.”


She revealed that her sister-in-law often tells every member of their family what to buy as a Christmas gift.


She sent the aunt a link to the gift her niece wanted, a toy dog. The aunt kindly ordered and collected the gift for her niece, we love how organised she is.


Unfortunately, when she reached the store the colour she wanted was out of stock, so she settled for the next best option.


She wrote, “The dog was the same except my sister-in-law said to get the black one and the store only had the white in stock. I didn't think this would be a problem as like I said it was the same dog just a different colour.”



The aunt kindly informed her sister-in-law about the situation, thinking everything would be perfectly fine. “I explained that the features were the same and just the colour was different, and she said she's not giving it to my niece.”


The woman was stunned when her relative told her to bring it back to the store. 

She expressed her disbelief, “I would never dream of telling someone I don't like your gift and I'm taking it back.”


As a mum, she understood that children do receive some fairly rubbish gifts during Christmas, “Our kids do end up with some tat they don't like quite as much as their other gifts and us adults too at times but that's life.”


The woman revealed that she has a big family which means Christmas is an extra expensive time of year for her, “The gift I bought was £40 which is a lot for me to spend considering I have ten nieces and nephews.”



Her fellow mums reached out and supported the aunt who has refused to return the gift as she thinks her niece will be thrilled with the toy.


One user responded, “I’d return it and buy a keyboard. Or drums.”


Another added, “She sounds very spoilt & demanding, no wonder your niece is predicted to kick off over the colour of a toy - what happened to teaching kids to be grateful for whatever they receive?”


Many users expressed the importance of buying the exact toy the child has asked for, “At six the wrong colour can be the difference between loving something and being massively disappointed - maybe she is trying to avoid the latter?


Who do you agree with? The aunt or the sister-in-law?