A grandmother in the States has taken dress-up with her newborn granddaughter to new levels.


When Susan Pierce Grossman became a grandmother to little Meredith, she had a very specific gift in mind to give her daughter, Nadene – a photo of Meredith dressed as Thumbelina.


After the success of the first photoshoot, however, Susan decided to take things up a notch and see how many different classic fairytales and stories she can magic Meredith into.


From The Wizard of Oz to The Nutcracker and Frozen, Susan has transformed baby Meredith into everything from a princesse to a cute little moon.



Speaking to Today.com, Nadene said that grandma Susan’s pictures are creating some special and inspiring memories for little Meredith.


“I made my mom wait a long time for a granddaughter. She is enjoying every moment with her and making such special memories – memories we will have forever. I’m so happy that Meredith will get to know how amazing her grandma is and how much she is loved,” said Nadene.



What a gorgeous idea. It certainly puts a new twist on baby’s first portrait!