Wonderful children’s books being released this April for your little bookworm

While we head into April, we thought there’s no better way to enter the new month than by checking out all of the brilliant children’s books being released over the coming weeks. 

If you have a little bookworm at home or are trying to encourage your child to pick up a book more often, we’re sure these titles will do the trick to get your little one to fall in love with reading. 

From mysteries to folklore, see all the page-turning books being released this month below and treat your little one to an inspiring tale. 

Make Your Home a Nature Reserve by Donna Mullen

Published by The O'Brien Press on April 1 

Insects, birds, bats, foxes, badgers, shrews… they’re all valuable parts of our natural world, the world that we’re just another part of. All of these beautiful and fascinating creatures need somewhere to live, as their own natural habitats are put under more and more pressure. Learn how to make your space – from a windowbox to a suburban garden to a farm – inviting to nature. How to build a pond, make places for bats to roost and hedgehogs to ramble. And learn about Ireland’s wildlife, from plants to the smallest bugs to large mammals.

The Tower Ghost by Natasha Mac a'Bháird

Published by The O'Brien Press on April 1

Sycamore Hill Boarding School, Donegal 1963. Clare is excited to start her first term at Sycamore Hill. New sports, new subjects, and new friends – chatty, confident Rose and quiet, nature-loving Molly. But something strange is going on. The girls see a face at the tower window and hear the sound of crying – could the school be haunted? And does it have anything to do with the mysterious death of a pupil years earlier? No one seems to want to answer their questions, but Clare and her friends are determined to investigate. Can they solve the mystery before a killer strikes again?

Ahoy! by Sophie Blackall

Published by Penguin Random House on April 2

Raise the mainsail! Batten the hatches! It’s time to set sail…on the couch! There’s a storm coming, and a child is ready to captain the ship. “Make haste and climb aboard,” they call out to their parent, “before you’re swept out to sea!”. Sea? What sea? The parent is only trying to vacuum the rug. But the child is adamant. It’s not a rug–it’s the ocean. And that broom? It’s the ship’s mast. Soon enough, child and parent are both off on an imaginary nautical adventure! Here is a thoroughly engaging, hilarious picture book that celebrates the joys of playing make-believe–and hanging out with a parent!

The Day I Fell Down the Toilet by Stephen Mangan 

Published by Scholastic on April 11

Disaster! The Queen of Dunny, the land where jokes come from, has lost her sense of humour and banned fun of any kind. Her subjects have one final shot at making her laugh otherwise NO NEW JOKES will be created EVER AGAIN! Enter the hero the world needs. Timothy Trench: straight-talking, uber-decisive child genius... oh, wait. In an unfortunate case of mistaken identity, the wrong Timothy - a boy who finds it impossible to make decisions - is fetched to make the Queen laugh. Can he work out what will tickle Her Majesty's funny bone and save the day?

The Letter with the Golden Stamp By Onjali Q. Raúf 

Published by Orion Children's Books on April 11

10-year-old Audrey has a secret. A secret no one knows about. And to keep it hidden she has become one of the best actresses on the planet. As soon as she steps out of the front door, the show is on, and all the world becomes her stage! No-one would ever guess that she is a nurse and doctor for her mam, the family food shopper (and sometimes shoplifter), a medicines collector, and even bedtime-reader for her younger siblings. But when Audrey's mam gets sicker, things go from difficult to impossible. If Mam's condition doesn't improve, there's a chance the family will be separated. And so Audrey becomes determined to find a way of to get her mam the best treatment available, so that they won't ever need to be apart. The only problem is, the treatment will cost her thousands. Thousands that Audrey doesn't have. As Audrey sets about trying to make her dream for her family come true with a plan that involves her precious stamp collection, an unsuspecting postal system, and a journey all the way from Wales to London, someone else on the street embarks on a secret mission of their own. One that will alter Audrey's life - and that of her family - forever.

Who Watches This Place by Amy Clarkin

Published by The O'Brien Press on April 22  

She glanced back at the portrait, just once. And his face had changed ... ‘Would you kill someone to survive?’ he asked. ‘It’s not survival when you’re already dead,’ she replied. Paranormal Surveyance Ireland – PSI – are on the hunt for ghosts. When a fancy new start-up is gripped by strange and disturbing happenings, the owners ask Archer and his team to investigate. The gang are determined to prove to the world that ghosts are real, but tensions are running high: Éabha clashes with Raven over her new clairvoyancy gift, Fionn feels isolated by the team and Davis is frustrated by the journalist who’s determined to expose them as frauds. None of that matters when there’s a startling disappearance. Can PSI remember how to work together in time to save their friend from a horrific fate? 

Magnolia Wu Unfolds It All by Chanel Miller

Published by Penguin Random House on 23 April

Down at the bottom of the tall buildings of New York City, Magnolia Wu sits inside her parents’ laundromat. She has pinned every lost sock from the laundromat onto a bulletin board, in hopes that customers will return to retrieve them. But no one seems to have noticed. In fact, barely anyone has noticed Magnolia at all. What she doesn’t know is that this is about to be her most exciting summer yet. When Iris, a new friend from California arrives, they set off across the city to solve the mystery of each missing sock, asking questions in subways and delis and plant stores and pizzerias, meeting people and uncovering the unimaginable. With each new encounter, Magnolia learns that when you’re bold enough to head into the unknown, things start falling into place.

Milly McCarthy and the Sports Day Shambles by Leona Forde

Published by Gill Books on April 25

When Múinteoir Emer has to have a bunion removed, Milly’s class gets a substitute teacher for the five weeks she’ll be gone. But Mr Wright is not like any other teacher Milly has ever had. He’s convinced he’s always right (of course!), is super strict and obsessed with PE. So much so, he convinces their principal, Mr Manley, to allow their class to organise a Lá Spóirt for the whole school. Mr Wright’s competitive spirit rubs off on Milly and soon she’s taking part in the egg and spoon race, the three-legged race and even a bit of archery… Sure, what could possibly go wrong? 

Little Irish Folklore Friends by Niamh Donnellan

Published by Gill Books on April 25

Get ready to meet everyone’s favourite creatures from Irish folklore, all using their powers in unexpected ways. In this charmingly illustrated collection of rhyming stories these naughty little faries, púcas and wisps learn to turn frowns upside down and go from frightening to fun! Join Liam the Leprechaun, Betty the Banshee and Pádraig the Púca; Willow the Wisp, Fiadh the Fairy and Seán the Selkie for lots of bedtime giggles. Told with humour and warmth, this new twist on Irish folk legends, inspired by the National Folklore Collection, will delight a whole new generation of young readers.

The Wonder Team and the Pharaoh's Fortune by Leah Williamson & Jordan Glover

Published by Macmillan Children's Books on April 25 

It’s time to kick off an adventure with the Wonder Team! When Leah and her friends are magically transported to Egypt, they realise they've also been taken back in time – they're stuck in the year 1900! And, even worse, their school bully has somehow travelled back with them! But when they meet Khalid and his aunt Amina, an Egyptian archaeologist who's on an expedition to discover a mythical amulet, Leah and her friends are excited to join the hunt. With a mysterious figure working to sabotage Amina, The Wonder Team will have to work together to uncover the clues and dodge booby traps as they search for the pharaoh’s treasure. Can they solve the mystery before time runs out, or will the secret of the pyramids stay hidden forever?