It’s likely that we have all been put through the wringer at one stage or another with an unruly teenager, but would you ever resort to the following means to teach your son or daughter a lesson?


Minnesota mum Amy Adams has made headlines around the world by declaring herself to be the ‘World’s Meanest Mum’, for putting her daughter’s truck up for sale on Craigslist as punishment.


According to news site, Amy decided to sell the truck on the personal ad site to teach her daughter a lesson for being ‘disrespectful’, running away from home, and performing poorly at school.



Amy explained that she was selling the 1998 Dodge Ram SLT (for a reported $2,750) because her daughter had “decided that her grades don’t matter, that she can disrespect myself and her siblings on a daily basis, and that she has the right to skip school and run away from home”.


Adding insult to injury in the ad, Amy added: “If the person driving the truck on a daily basis will be attending North Branch high school next year, you will get a $300 discount. Why? Because I AM the World's Meanest Mom, and would love for her to be reminded every day next year of all of the mistakes she made.”


According to reports, the advert was removed after being flagged by the truck-owner and her friends, but apparently this mother is still adamant on getting rid of the vehicle.


Do you think this is a step too far as a punishment?


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