A teenager in America is no doubt currently regretting his choice to dab at his father's swearing-in ceremony, considering the fact he is now grounded! 


Rep Roger Marshall was being sworn in to the House of Representatives when his son, who was meant to be holding the Bible at the time, decided that that was the perfect time to do a dab.



For those who have never heard of it; dabbing is when you move your head to the crook of your elbow while putting your other arm up in the air.



And while the teen thought is was hilarious - smirking his way through the entire ceremony - current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Paul Ryan was left a little confused. 


In fact, he can be seen asking if the teen was OK, before Mr Marshall questioned if he was just sneezing. 



However, it seems like his little performance was uncovered and he was subsequently grounded.