Mums know just how hard it is to find the time to sit down and enjoy a hot cup of tea, never mind a date with their other half. However, in order to keep the spark in your relationship strong and healthy it is important you make the effort to spend quality time together - and, no, going to the parent teacher meeting does not count as quality time!
For a lot of us, lack of a babysitter and little disposable income can make us push date nights to the end of a long list of things to do. And with the winter almost upon us, walking hand-in-hand in the park is not likely to be happening, unless you don’t mind the freezing cold rain, that is!
But with a little bit of preparation and a lot of imagination, you can enjoy a number of date nights throughout the winter that won’t involve you having to step foot in the miserable weather.
So put the kids to bed a little earlier or ask Granny if they can have a sleepover, and enjoy some much-needed romantic time with your other half.
1. Make dinner as couple
Enjoying good food is one of the most romantic ways to spend time with your other half, so why not start the date by cooking as a couple.

One person can chop the vegetables and the other can do the meat (popping a pizza in the oven doesn't count!), and you can always have a glass of wine as you do it. Don't forget dessert!
2. Cosy up in front of the telly
No, we don’t mean turn on whatever Saturday night show is on; Netflix has a host of amazing titles right at your fingertips and you’ll be overwhelmed by the choice on offer. Once Upon a Time is about legends and fairytales and is a really good one to watch this season. With all 16 episodes already available, you are guaranteed to want to binge-watch the entire series – that’s date night sorted for a while!
If you fancy something a little funny The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will have you both rolling around laughing, and is perfect if you're after a feel-good show. 
3. Create your very own home cinema
Skip the expensive popcorn and enjoy a movie night in the comfort of your own home. Grab a few blankets, pick up a tub of ice-cream, pop the popcorn in the microwave and settle down for a cosy evening of fun. 
4. Have a picnic
You don’t need to sit all prim and proper at the kitchen table to enjoy good food - an indoor picnic works just as well! 
Lay a blanket down on the floor (and maybe a few cushions for added comfort), serve up various dishes of your favourite foods and pop on a little music. Don't be surprised if you both start reminiscing over 'the good old days' - you'll be feeling all romantic and smoochy in no time! 
5. Go stargazing
Grab a few blankets, cushions (and probably a winter coat and hat) and sit outside in the garden for a little stargazing. Cuddle together for warmth and spend the evening watching the world go by – perfect.
If it gets too cold out there you can always warm yourself up in front of an open fire or head to bed, whichever takes your fancy!