When they were young you felt mainly responsible for your child’s hygiene but as your tween continues to grow they will want to establish their own independence on many things and hygiene, is definitely one of them.  
Some tweens can already have a hygiene routine that you may not even have to bring up the topic with them but other tweens might need a little encouragement when it comes to their own hygiene. Here are some great tips in how you can help your tween develop a hygiene routine while still enabling them to keep their own independence:
Create a routine
Just like brushing their teeth it’s important your tween learns how to maintain a routine when it comes to other areas of their hygiene. Your tween will need to shower every day and wash their hair at least twice a week.  Whether your child likes to shower in the morning and wake up and face the day or if they prefer the evening time to relax before bed, makes sure your tween makes showering apart of their daily routine.
Good skincare
Skin care can be entirely new to your tween so make sure they know all the appropriate steps in order to prevent an acne breakout. This is equally important for both boys and girls. Explain to your tween all the different products that exist in the market when it comes to cleansing, toning and moisturising and let them decide what works best for them.
This will of course differ on whether you have a son or daughter, in some cases you may have to wait a while before teaching your son shaving techniques. If you have a daughter however she may want to learn how to shave her legs or underarms. The important thing that both your son and daughter should know if they are ready to start shaving it will take lots of practice. It might be a good idea in the beginning to get an electric shaver to prevent any injuries and see how things go from there.
Deodorant choices
Your tween may want to buy strong scented deodorants and may go little overboard when it comes to spraying. Make sure your tween knows that a little can go long way and educate your child about the difference anti-perspirant and deodorants. It might be a good idea to get your tween to test a few before committing to one product, as it could irritate your child’s skin.