It’s completely natural to feel anxious about your tween’s first overnight trip without you. It can be a worrying time not only for you as a parent but for your child as well. However, it doesn’t have to be that daunting, as with a little preparation overnight stays for both you and your tween, will soon just become a normal part of your routine.
Prepare for every scenario
There is nothing wrong in preparing your child for every scenario, as it will help your tween feel less anxious about what to expect and it will make you feel a little easier too. It could be a sleepover, a school trip or holidaying with friends, it's always good to review the itinerary with your child. Go over what is likely to happen on the trip from the good to the bad. If they are prepared for everything and the worst does unfortunately occur, it will seem less daunting.
Make a list
Help your child create a list of what to pack and other trip requirements. This will not only reassure yourself but help your tween feel more in control. It’s sometimes a good idea for your child to bring a familiar object, as it can help them feel a little closer to home.
Make sure you have contact details
In case of an emergency, make sure you have contact details of who is in charge. If your tween has a mobile phone give them a text before going to sleep. It will not only enable you to have a quick check up on your child but also let your tween know, that you are thinking of them while they are away.
Safety tips
Remind your tween that if they are feeling a little lonely encourage them to talk to their friends, as they never know they could be feeling exactly the same. Make sure to have a conversation with whoever is in charge of the group and get the reassurances you need. There is nothing wrong with asking organizers questions such as: how to reach the group in an emergency and mostly importantly if the chaperones have had background checks.
It’s perfectly natural to worry, but you need to remember that this overnight trip, will be the first of many to come for your tween and unfortunately as much as you like them to, they can’t stay at home forever.