Books are a way for kids to explore new worlds, learn important life lessons and truly escape from everyday life.


And Natalie Page's new book is one that will literally take your child out of this world and teach them more than you thought possible while sitting at home. 


Natalie's debut children's book, Zak and Jen's Astronomical Adventures, is aimed at kids over the age of three; the imagery and rhyming tone of the book is perfect bedtime reading. 


Kids will love following the story of a girl called Jen who is bored of the planet that she lives on. Well, that is until she encounters Zak, a young boy who arrives with the help of a magic umbrella. 


"How did you ger her?" she asked. "Did you fly?"

"With a magic umbrella," the kind boy replied. "It means I can fly to be by your side."


With the help of Zak and a little of his magic, Jen is transported to a beautiful world where her new friend helps her learn a very valuable lesson along the way. 


The aim of the book is to encourage children to appreciate what they already have - many around them may not have those things.


It also emphasises the message that if you are unhappy with your surroundings, you have the power to change them and make them better. 


A truly beautiful little book. 


Published by Austin Macauley, it will be available from Tuesday, 31st May


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