Healthy eating, although incredibly beneficial, can sometimes be very time consuming and expensive: not everyone wants to spend €6.50 on a small tub of organic, non-fat, lactose free butter.


And that’s ok.


But we’re here to share some simple swaps you can make the next time you do the grocery shopping, and they won’t break the bank or take a lot of effort. They will, however, make a huge difference.


1. Whole fruit instead of fruit juice

While, granted, it is easier to drink a quick glass of orange juice in the morning to get your fruit in, eating the whole fruit is so much better. Juice is usually full of sugars and has none of the fibre that you would get if you ate the whole fruit. It’s an easy swap for big gains.



2. Greek yogurt instead of sour cream

Mexican food is the ultimate comfort food; full of hearty goodness and lots of flavour, it’s a crowd pleaser every time. But adding that dollop of sour cream can add more than 400 calories to your meal. And it's not worth it when you can swap in some yummy Greek yogurt which gives you the same cool creaminess but with was less damage. WIN!



3. Cinnamon instead of sugar

Coffee can be a little bitter for some people so the obvious reaction is to add a spoonful of sugar. But cinnamon will make the medicine go down just as easy without adding the extra calories. It’s also great on porridge.



4. Salsa instead of mayo

When we heard that salsa was a good alternative it made our day here at MummyPages. We could eat it with a spoon... And swapping salsa in for fatty, calorie-filled mayo can make for a much healthier sandwich, and much tastier too.



5. Brown rice instead of white

Sounds simple, we know, but you’d be surprised how many people are hesitant to make the change. But with brown rice retaining much more essential nutrients like fibre and just generally easier to digest we think it’s a no brainer.



6. Whole-wheat pasta instead of regular pasta

See previous point for the reasons why, and the added nutty flavour adds an extra bit of depth to your Italian dish.



7. Lean meats instead of fatty ones

We know that chicken fillets can get really boring, but the world of turkey mince has changed the way we eat. There was a time (not so long ago) that you had to go to the local butcher and get them to mince turkey for you…effort! But now, thanks to the popularity of the healthier alternative, you can pick up minced turkey in most supermarkets. Such an amazing substitution for your spag-bol or mince-based dishes, and tastes just as good.



8. Black coffee instead of a latte

A regular Starbucks latte can cost you 220 calories first thing in the morning... Make the switch to the classic Americano for zero calories, and if it’s a tad bland, see the cinnamon tip earlier.



9. Medium plate instead of a big one

Medium sized plates can save you piling on the food. Aim for around nine inches in diameter and you’ll save yourself over 20% of the calories - just throw out all those huge plates now.



10. Hard-boiled eggs instead of fried eggs

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Not slathered in grease. Need we say anymore?



These healthy eating tips are too simple not to steal.


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