Shopping and kids can be a bit of a disastrous mix.


Shopping centres and supermarkets aren't always the most child-friendly places, and they can turn the best-behaved child into a total nightmare.


A trip to your local supermarket or shopping centre can leave you with frazzled nerves, and swearing never to bring them with you again!


Here are 10 things GUARANTEED to happen:



1. They ask for stuff

No matter where you are, kids will see things they want, and you'll know all about it. It's difficult to explain to a five-year-old that they have no need for perfume...


And let's not even get started on treats - thank God for sweet-free checkouts!




2. They get lost

Keeping your kids by your side at all times is challenging when you're juggling carrier bags, trying on clothes, and paying for items. Some kids just wander off, and others love "hiding".


It doesn't help that shops are full of "hiding places" for small children. Under tables and inside fitting rooms are universal favourites - either way, a simple shopping trip can result in elevated blood pressure! 



3. They play games

We don't blame kids for being bored on a shopping trip; after all, if you're not the one spending, it's not very exciting.


Unfortunately, games of 'catch' invariably ensue, with your little one bumping into other shoppers, knocking things off shelves, and generally causing chaos.


You can try reproaching them and saying, "That lady will be cross!", but this phrase NEVER works.



4. They sample perfumes and makeup

Perfume displays are like a magnet for some kids and, before you know it, the entire shop is filled with a sickly sweet smell as they spray it on themselves, you and everyone else.


Smearing on red lipstick or sticky lip glosses is a common occurrence, too.



5. They need the loo

You've just reached the top of the queue, and you've been congratulating yourself on how good and quiet they've been - this is when you hear, "Mummy, I need the toilet NOW!" Time to drop everything and go, before an accident happens.



6. The push chair/ buggy gets stuck

If your little ones aren't running around yet, shopping can be a little easier - until you try and navigate around awkward displays and queue barriers with a buggy, that is. Why are there so many obstacles?! All of a sudden, those baby slings look handy...



7. They throw a fit, and everyone stares

This always seems to happen in public, when a normally well-behaved kid gets frustrated and throws an absolute wobbler!


You try every bribe under the sun to get them to calm down so you can finish buying groceries, and it feels like everyone is staring and judging you.


Mind your own business, please!



8. They say some embarrassing things

Such as asking loudly if the cashier is a boy or a girl, or cheerfully telling you: "That top won't go over your head, Mummy".


At least they're honest...



9. They want fast food

While you're eyeing up the new spring trends, they're preoccupied with getting McDonald's. Sometimes you have to reach a compromise!



10. They make new friends

And we're not talking other kids. If you have a child who talks to everyone, you'll understand this.


Whether it's a sales assistant or a random stranger, they don't care.



Worst case scenario: they'll start screaming, "You're not my mum!", when you try and retrieve them!


What do your kids do when you're out shopping?


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