As the clown craze sweeps across the country, many of us are wondering when/ if it will ever end.


We've heard stories of clowns climbing through windows, threatening kids on Instagram and generally going out of their way to frighten children and adults alike.


However, in truly upsetting news, it seems the craze, which came from across the pond, has been leaving children so afraid that they have been calling Childline over fears they will be killed by the clowns. 



Sadly, the children's charity has received 120 calls from children - a quarter of which were under the age of 11 - and counsellors in Belfast and Derry have had 10 sessions with frightened kids, according to Belfast Live


“Clowns are meant to make children laugh but these people are abusing this idea and turning it into something twisted and warped," a spokesperson for the NSPCC said. 


“Increasing reports that these clowns are not simply seeking to frighten children but using them to intimidate, commit crimes, abuse or bully are deeply worrying and this trend needs to be stamped out."



Urging young people to stay away from the trend and to report any incidences to a trusted adult or the police, they said that Childline is there for any child who is worried. 


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