5 fun-filled family traditions to introduce to your loved ones this Christmas

If you have a young family, you might not have started any of your own Christmas traditions yet. 

Growing up as kids, many of us will have experienced our own household rituals that helped to make the festive season feel even more special. Whether it be putting food out for Rudolph or going to a local carol singalong, there are so many activities that you and the little ones can do to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

So, as you begin a lifetime of Christmas seasons together, why not introduce some new festive traditions for you and your loved ones to do each year?

Below, we have set out a list of five of our favourite ideas for you to try. Some of these are rather straightforward, while others allow you to get a bit more creative. Scroll down and take a look:

Personalise your ornaments

This is such a lovely tradition to add to as the years go on! As December rolls around, you and your little ones can head out to the shops to find a new tree ornament to represent each of you. Whether it’s your loved one’s name, favourite hobby or a big milestone they’ve hit that year, there are lots of options for you to discover. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for some festive DIY, you could make your own Christmas tree decorations. This could be your chance to show off your creative side!

Have your own festive Bake Off

No matter what age you are, baked goodies are always such a delightful part of the Christmas period. From mince pies and Santa’s cookies, to chocolate trays and cinnamon biscuits, the festive season really is a time for feasting! With this in your mind, you and your family could make it a tradition each year to host a Christmas themed ‘bake off’. Whether you choose to keep it to your own household or open it up to your extended family, everyone will have a ball competing to make the most deliciously festive treats!

Make your own advent calendar 

Advent calendars have become so much more than the traditional chocolates! Nowadays, you can purchase advent calendars for makeup, candles, coffees and so much more. However, if you want to put a sentimental spin on this annual treat, you can turn personalised advent calendars into a family tradition! In the days leading up to Christmas, you can craft an advent calendar that will bring a bit of excitement to the whole family. Fill it up with gifts that all of you can enjoy, such as board games or a new DVD. You could also include access to activities for the following year, such as a trip to the zoo or a day out at the cinema. 

Countdown to Christmas with books

Similarly, this is another lovely spin on the stereotypical advent calendar! Ahead of the 12 days of Christmas, wrap up twelve brilliant books that everyone in the family will love to read together. Then, night by night, your little ones will be treated to a brand-new story! This is a heartwarming family tradition to begin this year, and it will also ensure that, in the years to come, your youngsters will continue to enjoy the gift of reading.

Take a Christmas lights tour

Last but not least, Christmas light displays have become a gradual tradition in many neighbourhoods across the country, with some even hosting competitions for the best ones! If you’re looking to create memories each year with your family, you could take a drive around your local area to spot some of the best Christmas lights in other households. If you want to do more than just marvel at the sights, you could create a scoring system and vote amongst yourselves for the best display!