No matter how close or how long you've been together, your relationship with your significant other will change after you have a baby.


But that doesn't mean it's a bad thing.


Yes, there will be some changes that you won't be best pleased about but there will also be a few things that will be more positive.  


If you have had a baby recently or are expecting one very soon, you'll definitely be able to relate to these:


1. Nights out will need to made at least a week in advance

Spontaneous fun will have to be scheduled in from now on!



2. Dates nights will become a thing of the past

They’ll become ‘we-have-school-options-to-discuss-let’s-go-to-the-pub’ night outs instead.


3. Your body confidence may dwindle

Which in turn will affect how much or how little your want your other half touching you - sometimes you simply won’t be in the mood for it.


4. Sex will change

It won’t disappear but it will be different (and less often).



5. You’ll have less time for each other

But when you do find the time it’ll be special.


6. You will take note of every annoying thing they do

And use it during your next argument. 



7. You will look at each other in a different light

Now you have brought a tiny little person into the world, you will have a new found awe for one another. 


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