Now we’re not doing down the human body here. We’re well aware it’s a wonderful thing and does all sorts of brilliant stuff – but it doesn’t produce Omega-3s. And we need those fatty-acids badly.


Like even more badly than we need chocolate during our time of the month.


And it’s not just grown-ups that need Omega-3s – they’re an incredibly important building block of growth and development for kids too; the Lego of growth and development you could say.


Not convinced? You soon will be.


1. They’re the BEST brain food


Thanks to Omega-3 we think we would nail our dream of appearing on Mastermind (specialist subject Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Clinical research shows the fatty-acids are an essential component in healthy brain development and memory.


2. They keep us young


‘Neuroprotective’ the boffins call it, which basically means they can slow down or halt age-related brain decline such as Alzheimer’s. And even more amazing is that they can reverse age-related loss of brain function.



3. They keep us happy – naturally


Fish is the BEST way to naturally consume Omega-3s – and research shows that countries where fish consumption is higher see lower rates of depression. Omega-3s are crucial to maintain good mental health. They push serotonin around the brain, an effect which is apparently similar to Prozac!


4. They lower stress


Omega-3s bolster our bodies, helping them adapt to stressful situations. Not that we are ever in stressful situations because we’ve got our lives 100% togeth… ah, who are we kidding? Give us a chunk of salmon right now!



5. They turn our kids into little Einsteins


Heaps of studies show Omega-3 is inextricably linked with intelligence. One massive study carried out on 12,000 pregnant women even showed that the kids who consumed the least Omega-3s were 48% more likely to score in the lowest quartile of IQ tests.


Ahm… back in a sec, we’re just going to make our kids a GIGANTIC piece fish.


6. They encourage good behaviour in kids


Studies have shown that Omega-3s help aggressive and angry behaviour. Tests on children with autism even showed that tantrums and aggression improved significantly after regularly consuming them.



7. They keep our skin baby soft


The wonder nutrient is an anti-inflammatory and can help put a stop to nasty skin conditions like acne and psoriasis. You are what you eat peeps, and regularly munching fish like salmon and cod has been proven to keep skin smoother and younger looking.


Yep, Jane Fonda definitely eats a lorra fish.


8. They keep our hearts ticking over


Eating fish regularly keeps our hearts fighting fit. Omega-3 regulates cholesterol and helps prevent heart attacks and strokes.


And Omega-3 is special in that we don’t have to chew down on horrible tablets to get it into our bods. Delicious fish is bursting with it, so including more into our family meals is a simple and sure-fire way to improve the all-round health of parents and kiddiwinks.


You could say it's a no-brainer.