According to Facebook & Instagram, we are a generous nation of givers

Over 650,000 people across Ireland have created and donated to fundraisers on Facebook and Instagram in 2020 as online giving during the pandemic soared. New data from Facebook also shows that women in Ireland created twice as many fundraisers on Facebook than men in 2020, with 65% of total funds raised coming from women.

Today, Facebook revealed that people have raised over $5 billion globally through fundraisers on Facebook and Instagram. Over 85 million organisers and donors have come together online to support charities and personal causes. Since the fundraising tools launched in Ireland in 2018, a total of over 900,000 people have donated to charitable causes. 

The power of social connection has fundamentally changed how people give. In 2015, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge inspired millions of people to help those with ALS through Facebook and it was also the inspiration behind the first generation of Facebook’s fundraising tools. This year, an Irish man Oggie Doyle experienced first-hand the ripple effect of compassion as his fundraiser on Facebook for Pieta generated 45 times more money than his initial fundraising target.    

Commenting on the success of his Fundraiser on Facebook, Oggie Doyle said: “In January 2021, I created a Facebook fundraiser for Pieta after a close friend lost her battle to mental health last March. I decided to do a 100km run within 10 days and hoped to raise €500. However the fundraiser quickly grew online and we reached €23,500 in a matter of days and I received messages of support from people across the country. Pieta do incredible work to support people who are experiencing mental health difficulties. Thank you to those who donated and took part - I will be forever grateful.” 

Rachel Murphy, Fundraising Director at Pieta said: “Facebook Fundraisers enable us to raise funds and also raise awareness of suicide and self-harm. Already, this year we’ve raised €860,000 with our 56 mile challenge which was organised using Facebook Fundraising tools. The response from our supporters was phenomenal and will help us to continue to provide our free services nationwide. We rely on the support of the Irish public and thanks to people like Oggie Doyle and the generosity of the online community, we have raised enough funds on Facebook to help change the lives of those in suicidal distress.

Gareth Lambe, Head of Facebook, Ireland, said; “It’s incredible to see people in Ireland coming together online to support the causes they care about, raising millions for charities in Ireland and billions for projects worldwide. In 2020 alone, over 650,000 people in Ireland showed incredible kindness and support as charities moved online as in-person fundraisers and events came to a halt. Since 2018, Facebook has become a powerful tool for fundraising in Ireland, helping charities, like Pieta, benefit from people’s generosity.”

Whether a non-profit, a business, or a Facebook user, supporting a worthy cause can be done in just a few clicks by using the “Fundraisers” tool in the menu on the Facebook News Feed. As this is an important time for many charities across Ireland, Facebook offers the below tips to create a successful fundraiser. 

Tips for a Successful Fundraiser

  • Make It Personal: Share a personal connection to the cause in the fundraiser description and let people know why it’s important.
  • Drive Action: Explain what you hope to accomplish and get specific on the impact donations will have. i.e. “Every €10 raised will provide a class in Sri Lanka with enough school supplies for a month.” Add a donate button to your Posts, Live videos and Stories to make it easy for people to give.
  • Make It Visual: Add a cover photo to capture attention and post images of how the funds are being used.
  • Say Thanks: As you receive donations, thank donors and encourage them to share the cause with their friends. 

Find out more information on how to use Facebook’s fundraising tools her