We know the feeling – it’s our son or daughter’s first night out, and while they’re off having a great time, us eejits are at home gnawing our nails off in worry and hoping they’ll be warm enough.


So we just LOVE the honest post celeb dad Keith Duffy shared on his Instagram page about his daughter Mia’s first night out.


“Man my head is wrecked,” he wrote. “It’s my little girl’s first night out. Who would of [sic] thought a few years back? But I’m up the bleedin’ walls.”


Ah bless! And we totally understand where he's coming from. While we’re glad our kids are independent and out enjoying themselves, it’s so hard not to worry – and of course it's even harder to get used to the fact that our babies are growing up.


Keith is no stranger to talking about his beloved daughter Mia, who was born with autism. Most recently he gushed about her ‘unbelievable’ Junior Certificate results.


“I never thought she’d be in mainstream school,” he said. “I never thought she’d sit State exams, I never thought any of this would happen for her.”


Keith and wife Lisa – who are also parents to 18-year-old son Jay – have actively fundraised for autism awareness charities over the past number of years, and have helped to raise over €8 million for Irish Autism Action.


We hope after this hurdle the next time Mia goes out will be easier on her dad!



Man my head is wrecked my little girls first night out, Who would of thought a few years back! But I'm up the bleeding walls 

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