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Are baby wipes okay for a newborn?

Typically doctors recommend baby wipes for babies that are at least over a month old. Prior to that time, cotton wool balls or squares moistened with warm water alone are adequate for cleaning.
The chemicals in baby wipes could aggravate a baby’s sensitive skin. Once you start using wipes, opt to buy wipes without alcohol and scent. Unscented wipes will be less likely to cause an allergic reaction.
Redness and irritation indicate sensitivity or allergic reaction. Nappy rash is often the result of harsh chemicals in wipes. If this happens, try to find a new brand or type of wipes. You may need to switch brands more than once to find what you need. Often within the same brand, one type of wipe aggravates baby’s skin, but another type will not. You may have to experiment to find what will work best.
You always want to choose products that are gentle and free from perfumes and dyes. These ingredients are unnecessary and increase the likelihood of irritation to baby’s skin. Protecting your baby’s skin is very important, and it’s especially important when your baby is a newborn. Early skin irritations can set your baby up for being more prone to experience skin irritation as he grows, so revert to cotton wool if necessary.  Many babies grow out of skin irritation problems, so you can always try wipes further down the road.

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