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How much will baby's first year cost?

While you can be sure your baby to be will be worth every penny, the reality is the joy of becoming a parent can be expensive. However, it’s also possible to cut spending by starting a baby budget plan in advance and knowing what is and isn’t a necessity. 
On average it will cost about €4000 to cover the costs of baby’s first year:
Average costs of a baby: before birth and during the first year
Maternity clothes €150
Pregnancy toiletries €60
Changing table €150 
Cot €150
Bedding €120
Pram €300
Car seat €160
Baby carrier €30
Changing mat €12
Baby bath €20
Baby monitor €89
Baby skincare products €140
Baby wipes €280
Steriliser €43.00
Formula milk (average €58 per month) €700
Bottles €25
Baby food €420
Highchair €120
Clothes (first year total) €325
Disposable nappies (first year total) €580
Safety gates €40
Toys/accessories €200
Baby bouncer €60
Total for first year €4174.00
Nursery furniture: For a basic setup, including a crib, mattress and changing table, the average price of each item is at least €150. However, many people will receive second hand cots and changing tables from family or friends or pick them up second hand.
Car seat: This is an absolute necessity which needs to be bought before baby arrives. Your baby cannot leave the hospital without one.  It’s also essential that infant car seats are purchased new to ensure safety.  You can expect to pay between €150 and €300 for a car seat.
Pram/ pushchair: When your baby is older, an inexpensive pushchair will do. However, newborn infants require more support. Durable, all round pram systems begin at €100 and go up to €1000.
Nappies:  During your baby’s first year of life, you will change roughly 2,500 nappies at a cost of €600 for disposables.
Formula/food: Breastfeeding, not only has so many great health benefits but it is also a great way to cut costs. Although, you will still need to invest in nursing bras which can range in cost from €30 to €60 and will also need a breast pump which can range in price from €50 for a manual pump to €250 for an electric double one. If you are planning on feeding your baby formula, count on spending roughly €60 per month, depending on the brand. Bottles are around €5 apiece and your baby will have to go through a few different models before finding the one they like.
Childcare: This is a major cost if both parents plan on working full-time.  The average cost of childcare for a baby of 6 months is €191 per week which works out at just under €10,000 per year. Costs do vary widely by location and by type (crèche vs. nanny) so this bill could be higher.
Clothing and other accessories: Picking up adorable outfits here and there will all add up. There are also a hundred and one other baby essentials that will be needed, from baby monitors to baby skincare products and bouncy seats. However, most new parents receive more clothing, toys and other baby essentials as gifts than they could ever need.
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