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How can I decorate a very small nursery?

Have you got a very small nursery to furnish? Don’t tear your hair out just yet – we’ve got a few tips that should make it a little easier.
First, consider the crib. Yes, you can get away with a bassinet for a while, but you will need a ‘proper’ crib at some point. When you do buy one, look for one that multitasks. Some work as changing stations, and others have space underneath that works well as an extra storage area.
Next, look for furniture that is either multi functional, or folds up and stores easily. There are plenty of items that have more than one function, like toy boxes that are padded and useable as seats, and if your non essential furniture can stow away easily, you can keep the floor clear. Make sure equipment like prams and walking rings are also easy to stow.
Once you’ve taken care of furnishings and equipment, get creative. Choose chests of drawers that are tall but narrow, add shelves to walls to keep books, toys, pictures and other items off the floor, or install hanging shelves in closets.
It is entirely possible to turn just about any sized room into a beautiful nursery, if you spend a little time planning.
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