Child Birth & Labour

As you approach full term, learn the signs of labour and plan for your delivery.

Questions & Answers

Should I have an epidural or not?

Opinions vary on whether mums should have an epidural or not
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How long will I be in the hospital after delivery?

Knowing how long you will stay in hospital for after delivery
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What is placenta accreta?

Placenta accreta is a serious but rare condition that can cause premature birth.
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Caesarean section: what are the pros and cons?

Make an informed decision on why you should or should not choose a C-section
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What are the benefits and risks associated with a planned repeat caesarean?

If you have already had one or more babies by caesarean section, you may be wondering whether you need another caesarean when you have your next baby
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What is preeclampsia?

How to deal with Preeclampsia
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What is good music for labour?

Music you should listen to during labour
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