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Find out how pregnancy can change your relationship with your partner.

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Husband scared of sex in pregnancy - is it normal?

Men can can often be worried about sex while their partner is pregnant
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How can my husband help me during pregnancy?

While your partner can't go through morning sickness on your behalf, there are things he can do to help
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What are the best sex positions for the third trimester?

Sex is generally not discouraged during pregnancy, not even in the third trimester, but certain bodily changes can make the experience difficult.
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Is sex safe during pregnancy?

Having sex during pregnancy
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How will sex change now that I am a dad-to-be?

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration about sex when your partner is pregnant. 
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Can I use a vibrator while I'm pregnant?

Is it safe to use sex toys during pregnancy? 
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Feeling self-conscious in bed about my bump: what can I do?

Anxiety or worry about gaining weight during pregnancy is normal, but not necessary.
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